Breaking down the nclex questions

Umbrella principle If all answers seem to be correct and applicable, choose the one that includes all the choices in it. Prepare for nursing school exams with the almost nursing student study aids at NursingTopStudent.

CAT has three rules for scoring candidates and determining pass or fail. When prioritizing, you should always remember the following: NCLEX will be testing you on whether you meet the minimum competency for safe entry level nursing practice.

Unless the question already has subjective and objective data about the patient, assessment is at the top of the list Patient first before equipment— if a patient is attached to an equipment and sudden removal of the equipment causes problems, primary assessment and interventions should be directed to the patient and not to the equipment.

Security measures inside test taking centers are high as well. This is typically used in patients with multiple problems to be addressed. Patients with airway problems or interventions to provide airway management are top priority. The basic registration process outlines by Pearson VUE is as follows: After eliminating the obvious incorrect answers, analyze the remaining choices and select the option that best answers the stem.

For the cost of a candy bar a day, you can learn more in less time than you ever believed. When prioritizing, you should consider the following: I made sure to bring water and snacks with me in the event it did go on for 6 hours. A nurse is caring for a pregnant client with severe preeclampsia who is receiving IV magnesium sulfate.

If you call the physician about concerns, never call about something that is expected with the disease process, which is why it is essential for nursing students to know expected signs and symptoms of the disease versus signs and symptoms of potential complications.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Incorrect responses may have the same idea- eliminate choices that have the same concept or idea. Questions are broken down into a few parts. Learn how to ask good questions.

The NCLEX exam is like the ultimate final exams because in here they do not study for grades but they study for being a professional nurse.

The basics class is my biggest issue. Nursing process— Assessment should always be done before planning anything or instituting interventions. Keep calcium gluconate on hand in case of a magnesium sulfate overdose 5. Ability estimate is the level of entry-level nursing knowledge, skills and abilities that the computer has determined that the candidate has.

Pearson VUE boasts the biggest network of testing centers in the world. For the cost of a candy bar a day, you can learn more in less time than you ever believed. Topics for this section include: I also took a test prep course, which was a week. I would recommend students use the CAS regularly and spend time studying and understanding, instead of just trying to pass the exam for that one day.

Notify the physician if urinary output is less than 30 ml per hour. Both of my jobs are very flexible. Since then, the NCLEX exams have a significant quantity of alternate format questions other than the usual multiple-choice questions.

Try not to let yourself get too side tracked. Just read the questions carefully, okay. Also included in rationales are exam strategies how to arrive at each correct answer via elimination and prioritizing.

Although you do need to pay for their premium version to unlock all content, the free version is extremely easy to use and includes quality content.

If you are more than 30 minutes late for your test you will have to forfeit the test and any fees you may have paid. The nurse should observe for bleeding by looking directly into the throat and for vomiting of bright red blood, continuous swallowing, and changes in vital signs.

She also manages this YouTube channel with videos about prioritization, delegation, and reading EKGs. Quizzes › Online Test › Medical Test › NCLEX › NCLEX Rn › NCLEX Rn Practice Questions 1 (exam Mode) By Rnpedia.

NCLEX Rn Practice Questions 1 (exam Mode) By Rnpedia A mother has recently been informed that her child has Down’s syndrome.

NCLEX Test Taking Tips, Tricks, and Skills

You will be assigned to care for the child at shift change. NCLEX Rn Practice Questions. Breaking down the NCLEX questions A question consists of the stem (part that asks the question), the case (patient’s condition or the scenario), the answer, and.

NCLEX Practice Questions 1. A nurse is reviewing a patient’s medication during shift change. Which of the following medication would be contraindicated if the patient were pregnant?

Mar 18,  · NCLEX Test Taking Tips, Tricks, and Skills I don’t know if every nursing school does this, but mine requires that we watch an “NCLEX Test Taking Skills” video.

This is on top of the three day course we take right before graduation. Find out the answer and get more questions in the video by Nurse Nacole.

How to Dissect an NCLEX® Question

Nurse Nacole is a board certified registered nurse who enjoys blogging about advanced nursing education. She provides a presentation on how to analyze and breakdown NCLEX questions in under 8 minutes.

The anatomy of an NCLEX question and the steps required to break them down. Feel confident about your next test with free questions.

Breaking down the nclex questions
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NCLEX Practice Tests & Sample Questions